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Founded by Dan Swan in 2008, Splat Designs has come a long way.  Working out of a garage at apartments in Gresham, OR, we started out custom painting and airbrushing downhill mountain bike helmets.  Over the next couple years, our reputation continued to gain momentum.  Our unique designs, and refined artistic abilities were a great match for the world of custom paint.  In a short period of time, we grew to paint everything from cell phone cases to cars.  Our passion for what we do has been a true blessing and a big factor in our growth to what we are today.  For the last few years we have been working out of a shared space in the beautiful countryside of Boring, OR.   Everyday we are growing and changing... Big plans await, and we can't wait to step foot in the new and improved direction that's ahead!

Our History

AirBrush jars and Paint Bottles
Twix Hershey Sour Patch candy snacks
Splat designs Paint Booth
House of Kolor Neon Orange Paint mess
Oranges and Rockstar energy drink
Star Wars with AirBrush Jars


     Using quality paints, primers, clears, and other materials is a critical part to the process when achieving quality in custom paint jobs that last.  What most people don't realize, is that there is much more that needs to go into a professional paint job than what meets the eye.  In order to get the paint and artwork to adhere to the surface of what's being painted, it is extremely important to use the correct sandpapers, prepping products, sealers, and primers in order to get a lasting bond.  Equal in importance is the clear coat.  A quality clear coat provides vital UV protection that will prevent colors from fading over time.  High-end clears will also provide a much better shine.  Here, we use nothing but the best, and we firmly believe that no matter how bad ass your paint job, if it isn't done right, it isn't worth doing.


     When calling around to other shops and artists for quotes, be sure to ask about their materials and methods! Unfortunately, this is where most paint shops will cut corners in order to draw in your business with a low bid.  In the world of custom painting, you definitely get what you pay for.  Don't waste your money on custom paint that won't last, make sure you only invest in the best!


Dan Swan Airbrushing
Bug Visiting me in the paint booth
Dan Swan Owner of Splat Designs
Splat Designs Paint mixing bench
Splat Designs Iwata Eclipse AirBrush
Triumph paint colors mixed u

Splat Designs is a rapidly growing custom paint and design company.  Part of our success comes from dedicating ourselves to our customers 100% on each and every project.  We look forward to meeting you and bringing your ideas from dream to reality -  So what are you waiting for?  Get in touch with us today!

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