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                                                                                        Why is Graphic Design so important?     

Having quality Graphic Design is a huge boost for any business.  Even though it can have big effects on a company's success, Graphic Design is still one of the most over-looked aspects in business.  Some companies rely more heavily on Graphic Design than others.  Regardless of how well a business can do without it, it remains a fact that every business has much to gain from having good Graphic Design.  This goes double for smaller and/or newer companies.   

      Associations is what Graphic Design is all about.  Everything represents something, and plays a part in your company's image.  I urge every customer, whether they are establishing a new business or updating an existing business, to establish company colors, an awesome logo, and a great slogan/motto.  Be sure to keep good continuity with everything.  You want to use the same style and colors for your busniess cards, social media, website, clothing, stickers, company vehicles and paper work.  EVERYTHING SHOULD BE MATCHING IN COLOR & IN STYLE.  This is the best way to maximize the effectiveness of your Graphic Design.  This is exactly what will make people remember your company, and recognize it right away.                                                                      

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When starting up a business or an organization, one of the most important things you can do is establish a strong logo.  A logo has alot of purposes and benefits.  It is a single icon that represents your whole business.  Everything from the colors, shapes, and style plays a big part in how effective it is.  When you think of many smaller businesses that you know and are familiar with, they may bring no images up in your head. This isn't because the business is small, but because small businesses rarely develop a good logo, or a logo at all.   When you think of any major business, their logo will most likely pop right into your head. This is what you want people to do with your business as well.  This is one of the many ways a strong logo will help serve your business or company well.  

Business cards can be a great first impression.  They can also be a bad first impression though! Make sure you utilize the full benefit of having business cards for your company.  Just like your companies logo, there is alot that goes into making a successful business card.  You want to pack as much info on them as possible, but at the same time you want to keep them clean, stylish, and legible.  This can often be more difficult than you think.  Luckily, here at Splat Designs, we have business cards down to a science!  Let us work with you to create the perfect business card for your business.

Whatever the purpose is in customizing the design of your vehicle,  make sure you let Splat Designs help you do it right!  From company, competition, and personal vehicles, we do them all here.  If your just wanting a concept design made up, or if you are wanting it all from computer, creation, and installation...  We are here to help.  Call today to get started!

Stickers are a great accessory to any business. Whether you are wanting to make some hand-out stickers for trade shows or events, or if you are just wanting them for your own personal use, stickers are both functional and fun for any occasion.  We can help you design up and create custom stickers for your car, truck, boat, business, home, signs, events, etc..... The list goes on and on. Inquire today!

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